Wedding In White



Synopsis:. Carol Kane was just nineteen when she took her first starring turn as Jeannie, a sixteen year-old high school dropout looking for a life in small-town Canada during World War II. Stifled between a stern hard-drinking father Jim (Donal Pleasance) and an emotionally petrified mother (Doris Petrie), Jeannie gets "in trouble" when her loutish brother Jimmy (Paul Bradley ) brings his army buddy Billy ( Doug McGrath) home for a surprise leave. Jeannie's tragic circumstances are compounded when Jim, desperate to excape the shameful situation, comes up with a marital solution that is less than romantic. Based on his own stage play, Wedding In White was writer/director Bill Fruet's followup to his landmark script for the classic Goin' Down The Road.

Awards: Winner - Canada's Best Film of 1972


Director: William Fruet

Reviews: "'Wedding in White ' is a good, tough, clear-eyed film! Marvelously well acted." - Vincent Canby, New York Times

"A poignant film. Carol Kane is brilliant" - The Village Voice

"an exquisite film achievement..." - Toronto Sun

Young Carol Kane set the pattern for her screen persona as a kindly but dim bulb teen in this dark kitchen sink drama, set in small town Ontario during World War II. Her older brother, home on leave, brings with him a worthless army buddy, who forces himself upon her after a night of drunken carousing. Left pregnant, she faces the wrath of her imbecilic father (Donald Pleasence, an astonishing performance), who cooks up a monstrous scheme to "save the family honor" which culminates in one of the most grotesque finales ever put to film. Bleak and utterly harrowing, this is the scratchy flip side to all those cloying "nostalgia" flicks of its era and a fierce condemnation of the patriarchal social system out of control. For all its seriousness of purpose, though, it's also very funny, rude Canadian humor permeating even its worst situations as the appalling characters show all their warts with jolly gusto. Though unflinchingly realistic (period detail and speech patterns free of anachronisms) it's structured like a horror film (later director Fruet's specialty, unsurprisingly) and the final moment plays like the punch line of an especially tasteless joke. Not for all tastes, but recommended to those who caught the mordant hilarity of the equally poignant but merciless WELCOME TO THE DOLL'S HOUSE.

DVD Special Features:

Total Running Time: 103 minutes

Language: English, French and in some cases Spanish.

U.S. Motion Picture Board Rating: R

Catalog Number: SOM-DV-2319



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