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The Somerville House Group, and Somerville House Securities Canada, Inc.,  now the parent company of Somerville House Releasing, has financed some forty films. These include such international classics as The Odessa File and Atlantic City, as well as 120 hours of television programming, among them the original episodes of An Evening at the Improv.  Somerville controls or owns the copyrights to most of their titles. 

Somerville House, for the past 20 years, has managed and supervised the distribution of its own products through outside major distributors. However, Somerville House Releasing has now assumed the responsibility for distributing its own products in the US, Canada and certain foreign countries.

Distribution Catalogue

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DVD CatalogueSomerville House Releasing is also handling the packaging and distribution of DVDs of  select titles its parent company previously financed. These include such critically acclaimed titles as listed in our DVD catalogue

Within the next two to three years, the majority of its library will be put on DVD in the United States, Canada and select foreign markets, with certain rights to be granted to international distributors. In addition, it will acquire film libraries, television programming and other tangible assets for exploitation in the US and Canadian markets. 

Somerville House Production is now actively developing several properties slated for production as feature films. 

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