Founded in the early 1970’s, Somerville House is one of the oldest and most respected financiers of motion pictures and television programming.

John Vidette and Rosemary Christensen founders of the Somerville House Group of Companies, with considerable knowledge in film investment, film production and packaging of motion pictures, established a specialized brokerage firm with the Quebec Securities Commission known as Somerville House Securities Ltd.

Contractual agreements with both major and independent distributors in the United States, Europe and Canada have enabled Somerville House to structure investment and distribution agreements which are not only attractive to the investors, but virtually risk free.   Vidette’s and Christensen’s groundbreaking ideas promoted a new trend in film investment in North America, enabling both investor and distributor to take part in financial opportunities that did not previously exist. 

Today, John Vidette's and Rosemary Christensen's pioneering financing concepts and reliable structures are being adopted by other investment groups throughout the world.  Sometime ago, Vidette, President and CEO of the Somerville House Group, assumed full leadership of all business activities of the Somerville House film companies, while Christensen moved on to mining and other capital investment ventures while still remaining connected as a consultant with the Somerville House film group.

John Vidette

John Vidette attended New York University, The New School for Social Research and the University of Toronto, and after his studies, Vidette set out on the task of entering the Audio-Visual Industry, as screen writer, producer and performing artist. These multi-purpose activities, enabled him to establish certain corporate vehicles that assisted him in obtaining his business objectives.

Rosemary Christensen

Rosemary Christensen attended McGill University and the University of Sorbonne and after her studies, and passing the Quebec Bar, set out to develop and structure financing ventures in the Audio-Visual Industry. After successful business ventures, Christensen entered into a business partnership with John Vidette involving a multi-faceted operation.

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