We All Fall Down


Synopsis:.Kris is a spun-out artist, as talented at being self destructive as he is at painting. Michael, his best friend, is having a tough time dealing with the recent death of his mother and maintains the mantra that a good buzz a day keeps the real world at bay. The third member of the trio is Kris'' girlfriend, Ryan, very much torn between her guys, loyal to a fault to Kris and uneasy with her attraction to his best friend. Michael can''t win these days: as an actor, as a grieving son, in scoring a good fix or even in getting a litte sleep. A scamming drug dealer feels the full brunt of Michael''s frustration and gets the crap beaten out of him. One thing that does develop, however, is Michael''s closeness to Ryan as she rebels against Kris'' antics. Michael hasn''t been known to get it right lately and putting the moves on his best friend''s girlfriend falls right in line with his general fuck-ups. Behind all this something else develops without anyone noticing - whacking a dealer is a dangerous thing...


Director: Martin Cummins

Reviews:  This film is a semi-autobiographical account of a period of time in Martin Cummins' (director/actor) life after his mother died. He's done a spectacular job of bringing this story to life in his first film.

A dark and violent movie, it follows Michael (played by Belsher, based on Cummins), in west Vancouver B.C., as he gets into drug use to escape his problems. His friend Kris (Cummins) encourages him in the drug use so he has some company. Kris has a girlfriend, Ryan, who finds the drugs a bit much to handle and ends up having to choose between the two friends. The ending was a total surprise and worth driving 6 hours to see.

All the actors did a great job of making the characters real and believable. I especially enjoyed Cummins dark/angry/violent portrayal of a man who is losing control of things.

A good portion of the cast was made up of actors Cummins had worked with on the television series 'Poltergeist: the Legacy' and previous Canadian t.v. shows. The part of Sherry the prostitute was written for Helen Shaver. She was hilarious! In an interview I saw before the film she said that she gets to let everything hang out. Boy did she! A side I had never seen and I'm not sure I want to see again. :)

If you get a chance to see 'We All Fall Down', please do!

DVD Special Features: Trailer

Languages: English, French and in some cases Spanish.

Total Running Time: 92 minutes

U.S. Motion Picture Board Rating: NR




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