Super Fuzz



Synopsis:.Watch out! You'll laugh to the full extent of the law!

What if one of the "Trinity" boys suddenly acquired amazing super powers? Crazier still, what if Dave (Terence Hill) was fighting on the side of the law as a rookie cop! A simple man with incredible powers to fight crime in his own unique - and uniquely hilarious - way. (Like seeing around corners and catching bullets in his teeth.)

The entire city of Miami is now in his debt. Everyone that is except for his superior, the definietely unimpressed Willy Dunlop (Ernest Borgnine) who can't wait for Dave to leave the police force even quicker than he came abourd!

If you liked the non-stop jokes and action in the Police Academy series, you'll laugh to the full extent of the law watching Super Fuzz (aka Super Snooper). It's on of Terence Hill's (My Name is Trinity) all-time clasics.


Director: Sergio Corbucci

Reviews: Super Fuzz is one of my guilty pleasures from the '80s. I do remember watching this movie over and over again, and I fondly recall watching it as a young teenager. [ read the complete review ]

DVD Special Features:

Total Running Time: 97 minutes

Language: English, French and in some cases Spanish.

U.S. Motion Picture Board Rating: PG

Catalog Number: SOM-DV-2389



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