George and the Star


Synopsis:. How many of us have wished for something more? In this case, George, who seems to live in a nice two-story house in the middle of nowhere with just his cat as company, is preparing for Christmas, but is left with an empty feeling. His Christmas tree is missing a star on top.

After a few attempts at remedying this situation, he is left unsatisfied, until he looks out the window and sees the one thing that would make his tree perfect: a real star!! What follows is quite outlandish and over-the-top, but is enjoyable nonetheless. In short, George builds a spaceship (in a matter of seconds) and heads out to capture that star for his tree, only to be met with various space beings and obstacles along the way.

Reviews:  While this may not be your typical Christmas story, bordering on animated science fiction, the humor and over-the-top storyline make this quite an enjoyable show. Ultimately, after much trial, George learns that Christmas is not about a tree or a star. It's so much more....

I first saw this program when I was about 5 years old. It was part of a special holiday broadcast on WGN, hosted by Orville Redenbacher. We videotaped that showing, and have watched it faithfully for the last18 years. With the deterioration of the VHS tape, however, we lost this precious Christmas tradition.

Starring: Narrator - George Geertsen

DVD Special Features:

Language: English, French and in some cases Spanish.

Total Running Time: 24 minutes

U.S. Motion Picture Board Rating: NR


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