George Burns


George Burns - Live in Concert

Synopsis:. At age 86, George Burns had never been livelier or funnier!

Although he played God in the movies, legendary entertainer George Burns' humor was planted firmly on Earth, which is why he was so beloved by audiences of all generations. This live concert captures Burns at the top of his game (where he had been for decades), as he exhibits the same wit, style and grace that made him one of the most famous comedians ever to hit the stage or screen.

Like fine wine, great humor only gets fujnnier with age and this 1982 concert shows the great George Burns at his absolute funniets before a live audience. A true comedy classic for the entire family to enjoy!

Reviews: George Burns used to make a joke that he could not die until he reached 100 because he was booked in Vegas until then. He was booked, he made that age, then left us as one of the most enduring entertainers of all time. This DVD is simply entitled George Burns In Concert and features a nearly hour-long stand-up session that includes his famous monotone singing.

Burns had actually cut a Country Music album at the time and was promoting it in spots. Though his Vaudeville type of humor may be considered dated by some, others appreciated the wit, one-liners and surprise while looking on at the marvel of this survivor. The audience is with him from the moment he arrives on stage and the master that he is, he knows how to work this and not let go until the program is over. This DVD shows that he remained in prime form all the way.

DVD Special Features: none

Total Running Time: 56 minutes

U.S. Motion Picture Board Rating: PG

Language: English, French and in some cases Spanish.

Catalog Number: SOM-DV-2429


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