Synopsis:.How many of us have wished for something more? In this case, George, who seems to live in a nice two-story house in the middle of nowhere with just his cat as company, is preparing for Christmas, but is left with an empty feeling. His Christmas tree is missing a star on top.

After a few attempts at remedying this situation, he is left unsatisfied, until he looks out the window and sees the one thing that would make his tree perfect: a real star!! What follows is quite outlandish and over-the-top, but is enjoyable nonetheless. In short, George builds a spaceship (in a matter of seconds) and heads out to capture that star for his tree, only to be met with various space beings and obstacles along the way.

Starring: Narrator - George Geertsen

Director: Gerald Potterton

Language: English, French and in some cases Spanish.

Total Running Time: 24 minutes

Availability: US and Canada


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