Double Trouble

Synopsis:.Abbott and Costello, Laurel and Hardy. Bud Spencer and Terence Hill. You may not have heard of them as a double act and that's your loss. No its unforgivable. This film is hilarious. The two meet up by chance after they come to New York having been offered money to go there by two crooked millionaires. Both too stupid or greedy not to sniff that something is very wrong with such a generous offer.

Even more dumb when they asked to pose as them, big bucks prevent their brains from locking into thought mode. The openly time a stranger offers you a lot of money is because something precious to them is at risk and you are going to cover for them. Here its the millionaires lives. The comedy goes into overdrive as they are unaware of the various attempts on their lives, thinking it is only accidents that are surrounding them. There's also the clash of social status. People confusing them for the millionaires who have expensive tastes and know quality and decorum, whereas the look alike are oafish and unsophisticated

Starring: Terrence Hill and Bud Spencer

Director: Enzo Barboni

Language: English, French and in some cases Spanish.

Total Running Time: 99 minutes

Availability: USA and Canada


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