Conduct Unbecoming




Synopsis:.Honor. Duty. Respect. The timeless moral and ethical code of our military - and the back-bone of civilized Western sociedty.

All are at risk for this British regiment stationed in colonial India at the end of the nineteenth century. The conduct unbecoming: a beautigul widow (Susannah York) is brutally attacked by one of the new officers. In a desparate bid to prevent a public scandal, the superior officers Richard Attenborough, Trevor Howard, Stacy Keach and Christopher Plummer undertake a Court Martial.

Can an idealistic young officer (Michael York) defend the accused attacker (James Faulkner), even if it means shattering the military's - and his own - code of honor?

Conduct Unbecoming boasts a stellar cast in an epic historical drama, which will keep you in suspense until the shocking climax.


Reviews: Handsome treatment by Somerville House. The beauty of DVD special features is that it can preserve content that would otherwise be lost forever, in this case, the commentary track by Director Michael Anderson. It was good to hear Director Anderson’s literate discussion of making the film. And he’s sharp as a tack even though he’s 85 years old. - Jonathan W. Hickman read the complete review ].

DVD Special Features:

Language: English, French and in some cases Spanish.

Total Running Time: 106 minutes

U.S. Motion Picture Board Rating: PG

Catalog Number: SOM-DV-2379




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