Synopsis: Life is tough enough in the Big Apple. But when a city-wide power failure causes a blackout, the mad dogs come out to play. Like the pack of deranged killers (lead by Robert Carradine: The Long Riders, The Big Red One) who will stop at nothing to rape, stab, and shoot as they prowl from apartment to apartment in New York's most exclusive high rise. (Owned by Ray Milland: Dial M for Murder, X: the Man with X-Ray Eyes.) Only on cop (Jim MKitchum: In Harm's Way, thunder Road) has what it takes to bring them down - while these psycho-killers can't wait to take hime out - in this intense, action-packed thriller!.


Reviews: ["Blackout"] seems to have been forgotten by everyone! Released in the early eighties on the independent Merlin label with an eye-catching cover flash that read 'Warning - this film is about psychotic killers loose on the rampage' (notices of this kind were standard among video companies at the time), I remember watching this with my parents when I was about nine or ten and being scared witless. An apartment block and its residents (a strangely diverse mixture of rich and poor, including a millionaire who collects Picassos, a timid woman whose husband is on a life support system, the usual 'party people' etc) are terrorised by a gang of ruthless criminals during a power cut - the film thrives on its raw energy and willingness to indulge in just the right amount of sleaze and nastiness to keep things ticking along. The grimy low-budget production values actually contribute to the film's unsettling atmosphere, and most of the cast do well, though it is sad to see an elderly Ray Milland reduced to a peripheral role. BLACKOUT has long been unavailable and is definitely overdue a re-release, it would make a nice double bill with the equally disturbing TENEMENT.

DVD Special Features:

Total Running Time: 86 minutes

U.S. Motion Picture Board Rating: R

Catalog Number: SOM-DV-2409



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